Today has been a little dull and as expected. So no issues there. There were two things that I thought worth mentioning, and the first of those is the Palace leaks. Firstly Cameron was filmed stating that the countries of Nigeria and Afghanistan were “fantastically corrupt”. I think his expectation was that we should infer that actually it was quite an achievement to get these parties to the table. I don’t know, but it seems that this was an unguarded moment.
And then, following the PM’s unguarded moment, there came the Queen’s unguarded moment. Anyone might think that this news nugget was released in order to eclipse Cameron’s faux pas, but that would indicate high levels of organisation, which I don’t think can be assumed in this situation.
Any way, all of that is secondary to the beauty that is coleslaw.
When coleslaw is combined with a spicy flavour such as Branston pickle or southern fried chicken, it possesses a majesty which is altogether “other”. It certainly lifted my sandwiches from the mundane to the glorious, and anything that can do that on a Wednesday lunchtime should be celebrated.  All hail the ‘slaw!

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