So today was our youngest’s birthday; she was seven years old. She was awake early, as usual, she came up the stairs to our room in the eaves at 06:30. I was awake as normal, so I wished her Happy Birthday loudly and woke TW up quickly. She opened her presents and seemed to be happy with them, which was a good thing. For breakfast TW had brought in pains au chocolat, and I think it was that which sent me into a tizzy. I didn’t make tea, I didn’t take a cheque into Brighton to pay into the bank, I was unfocused at work. Never mind though, I got through it.
Getting home I discovered that the Youngest’s godfather was visiting; I did know he was coming but had forgotten. It was great to see him again and the girls doted on him, so his visit was a good thing.

I had a little flutter on Rising Pune Supergiants today and only narrowly lost; Dhoni got run out in the final over. I’m sure that they would have won if that hasn’t happened. As a result I bet on West Ham against Man Utd at 2-1, a two-fingered salute against the betting powers that be. I child have cashed out early for an easy but small win, but then shortly after half-time Man U equalised. They actually went 2-1 up and I was ready to resign myself to my loser fate. But then West Ham came back and won 3-2, and so I clawed back £1.29. A nice end to the day.

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