Here we are then, halfway through the month and I’ve not had a drink since I went to bed on New Year’s Eve (which was really 1am on New Year’s Day). It’s not been too bad, although the Friday nights and Saturday nights have seemed longer and slower than normal. But then that might just be the sight of Gary Barlow’s grinning fizzog looming out of the idiot box at me, giving me palpitations. 
I did sign up to do Dryathlon via the Cancer Research website, but I’m not intending to raise funds, this is purely a personal thing. They sent me two of the beermats pictured above, as well as a “Dryathlete” wristband, and I’m feeling a little guilty about it. Maybe I’ll donate £20 or something at the end of the month; after all, I will have not spent much more than that on wine and beer. But I wanted to make some sort of external statement, rather than just an unspoken promise to myself, which I could then pretend at some point was never made. 
I’ve been wearing the wristband, although not in an ostentatious fashion. It’s quite snug on my wrist and doesn’t move about much at all, so even I don’t see it. 
I’ve also enjoyed not having a hangover, and feeling brighter more often. My sleep hasn’t improved, but I think that’s because I’m 45 rather than 25, and even if I am awake for an hour or two early doors, I tend not to feel so tired later during the day. 
I did well in the Park Run on Saturday; despite not running mid-week, I managed my second-best time. I’d like to get a PB later in the month, but I think I will need to go out mid-week for that, and at the moment, it being January, it’s bloody cold out there. Still, if it is dry tomorrow night, I may channel my inner Forrest and stretch my stumpy little legs. 
We were moving a dresser yesterday, for reasons which were beyond me, TW likes to move furniture around at random times; it keeps us all on our toes, she thinks. Anyway, we had to empty it before moving it, and we came across our Christmas booze stash – all the bottles left over from Christmas we didn’t have enough days to drink. I think I counted five bottles of red wine, three bottles of white wine, and a couple of bottles of prosecco… It’s going to be a good February! 
My only dilemma now is whether I stay up on January 31st until midnight to celebrate my month of sobriety with a glass or two, or I wait until the evening of the 1st February. I guess, since I drank into New Year’s Day, that the month doesn’t officially end until about 1am on 1st February, and I’m not sure that staying up until then and starting to drink at 1am is the wisest option – so I’ll probably leave it. 

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