Today we didn’t have much on until T texted and asked if we were free. We had to write cards for the branch of the family tree living in Singapore since M&P were flying at about seven pm. They were setting off at one pm and obviously had to be there a couple of hours early, and they had to take into account the crap service that Southern like to call a functioning railway.
I cycled over with the girls, on our first cycle ride of the year. It was a bit icy but the girls were careful and we got there in one piece. We handed over the cards and Mum gave us a cup of tea and some tomatoes in return. Then we wished them safe travels, and headed back.
Tyrone arrived and we decided to go to Food; it was what the girls wanted. It was very nice as always; at least I didn’t order the wrong thing this time. I kept it simple with steak frites, and followed that with an almond and amaretto crème brulée. TW expressed dismay that I didn’t offer her the first bite, but I wanted to taste it, and it was my pudding. So unfortunately, she had to wait. She did get two mouthfuls though, so she did okay by the end.
Then for dinner TW was planning to make a chicken chow mein, but Ty decided he wanted to go to KFC, and so we had a takeaway bucket for dinner. The chicken was nice but the fries were horrible, in my opinion; limp, cold and tasteless. However, the saving grace was the gravy KFC provided – it was delicious and thick, and covered the shortcomings of the fries.
Ty headed off after the girls went to sleep and we finished off the day with an episode of Suits. I worked out that the prison psychiatrist is the same actor who used to be Theo Huxtable in the Cosby Show, and I was pretty pleased with myself for that. I wasn’t really prepared to go back to work, but I fell asleep pretty quickly.

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