Yesterday we spent the afternoon with C&J, friends who live in Hailsham. The weather was awful; it was horribly foggy on the way over, and even worse on the way back. The time we spent there was lovely, it’s always relaxed with them. TW has known them since her uni days, which is ~20 years, so half a lifetime. TW & J went off for a bit of charity shopping in town and I had a nap. The children played nicely and I think all in all a good day was had.
We travelled home in the dark and the fog; the weather was so bad that the Brighton game was cancelled, and the Reading game was called off after 50 minutes – I think the whole of the South of England was shrouded in fog and mist.
I did okay with the few bets I made last night, but hope to do better in the next couple of days. We finished watching Tyrant, which was thrilling – it is a shame it’s not going to be picked up for a fourth series.

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