Yesterday we finally made it to the destination that all the kids in Worthing have been talking about recently; Crepe n Cones. This place is sugar heaven, and all the kids have either been there or want to go there.
We’d gone into town so that the girls could spend a bit of their Christmas money after a late lunch, and I was u to flag. TW suggested we try Crepe n Cones, and it was full, even at half past three – there was only one table available, and that hadn’t been cleared since the previous occupants had left. We sat down and had a look at the menu.
There were two savory items; a cheesy croissant and a cheese-filled crêpe, but the rest was a hymn to sweetness. There were crepes, of course, ice creams, milk shakes, smoothies and jumbo waffles. Of course the girls chose jumbo waffles, covered with a variety of teeth-shattering sucrose; TY went for a chocolate concoction, TMO went for a peanut butter mix, and TE went for strawberries and cream. TY didn’t finish hers, but apart from that they did well.
The desserts themselves were nice, but when you added in the drinks it was a touch on the expensive side, and we had to wait for half an hour or so. The girls are good at waiting, so that wasn’t an issue, but the hit to the pocket means that it won’t be a weekly treat. 

Apart from that I think the girls were happy with their purchases. TE bought a pair of high-heeled boots and a pair of rugby boots, which TW & I both thought was a nice contrast. TMO bought a nice wraparound cardigan and TE bought a necklace which she could share with her friend, and some exercise clothing. 
In the evening we took it easy and watched a bit more of Tyrant, which leaves us just the season finale to get through. I think though that TW is going out tonight, so we might need to leave that until tomorrow. We should finish it before the end of 2016 though, or at least, I hope so!

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