Yesterday TMO ran away. We were round visiting friends and the girls kept on about having a sleepover. We were fairly clear that it wasn’t going to happen but the kids were winding each other up and eventually TMO blew, shouted “I hate you all” and stormed out of the house on her scooter, not wearing much else. She had a t-shirt on but no jumper or coat. I thought that she would be hiding around the corner, but no luck. TW & I went in different directions looking for her, but she was long gone. It had just occurred to me to call M&P when my phone rang and it was Mum. “We’ve got your missing TMO here”, she said, “she’s very upset.” I called TW and she went to collect her, and Mum had given her a hot chocolate.
To be fair, I think TMO scared herself with her actions, and when she met up with me she apologised very sheepishly. I wasn’t too worried, to be honest, she’s not silly, and I think she showed that by going to the only nearby place she knew. She will lose her rights to use electronic devices for the next few days; she’ll have to learn that she can’t behave like that ever again.
Up until that point (it was about seven pm) we’d had a lovely day with H&I, eating lasagne & sipping prosecco and champagne, and sampling raspberry vodka, as well as chatting about poor old George Michael and all the other recent celebrity deaths. Before we left, we heard the news that Carrie Fisher had died, which was a shame. I thought she may have got away with the heart attack, but it seems that Fate had other ideas…

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