TW and I were lying in bed this morning, listening to a bit of Radio 4. That was my choice, I like to catch up with the day’s agenda and news before getting on with it. I announced I was going to get up and TW asked me to turn it over. So I switched it to Radio 6Music. “What did you do that for?”, she asked. I did it because she didn’t specify which station to tune it to, and she was still lying in bed, while I was halfway downstairs. I know that her preferred station would have been Radio 1, but she didn’t ask me to switch it to Radio 1, she simply asked me to turn it over. And besides, she was still in bed and within reach of the radio, so if she didn’t like my choice in response to her unspecific request, she could always turn it to R1 herself…

Speaking of 6Music, they had a great piece of programming yesterday, in that they played music from 1989 all day. I wasn’t really sure why, I think it linked in with Our Generation, the BBC4 strand of programming that’s been going on for a while. They played some great tunes, and the stand-out ones for me were “Lions” by New FADs, “Hallelujah” by Happy Mondays, and “Fascination Street” by The Cure.There were loads of other songs which brought back memories, but I didn’t hear any Stuffies or Cud, which would have probably made my week.

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