Changes afoot within UKIP then, as Paul Nuttall becomes leader of the party. Apparently he was branded a “bad Bootle UKIP meff” by his fellow Liverpudlians. I don’t think he will have the same appeal as Farage did, I wonder what the odds are on Farage coming back? Farage holds no appeal to me, I think he is an oleaginous and egregious politician who is taking a shedload of money from the EU while not doing anything to earn it. He is fannying about in the UK and the US and not participating in EU business. If he were my representative at the EU Parliament, I’d be pissed off. I did hear him briefly on LBC yesterday and it does seem that his ego is boundless, he was saying something along the lines of he thought that he would be able to bring something to the role of U.S. ambassador, but it was up to others to decide.
That prat should and will never be ambassador to the U.S. He has too many flaws, he isn’t a product of the civil service, and he isn’t a Tory (although they sup from the same cup). Teresa May would be run out of office if she allowed that appointment. Similarly, Farage should not be given a peerage – virtually every assessment of Brexit concludes that there will be a cost to the UK, and the amount of extra work, if nothing else, that he has caused us all, should bar him from any recognition. He should be condemned to a lifetime of light entertainment shows, even (and especially) after it gets repetitive and he gets bored of it. Keep him away from anywhere he might be able to exert any influence, however slight.
If I’m ever in doubt on a political issue I look to see what Farage’s approach is, and I take the opposite view. At least that way I know I’ll be right.
I expect UKIP to disappear now, only half of their 30,000 members could be bothered to take part in the leadership vote, and I don’t see why the rest of us should be bothered to listen to what they say.

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