Last Wednesday I dropped and smashed my phone, my Oneplus One. I’d had it for over two years, so I think I got enough usage out of it. I was walking briskly to get up to the Station to catch a train, while at the same time trying to insert my headphones into the headphone jack, when suddenly my phone wasn’t in my hand any more, but was face down on the pavement. So despite being in a case, that didn’t prevent damage to the screen and the digitizer.

I was in a hurry because the RMT were striking, and the trains were less frequent than normal. Southern were able to run about 60% of their trains, so I wasn’t worried about getting home, I just wanted to be on a relatively uncrowded train. So I blame Southern and the RMT for my loss.
I bought the phone outright in August 2014 and it’s been the best phone I’ve ever had, unsurprisingly. It had a 5.5″ screen and an 801 processor, as well as 64gb of storage. I kept it updated with CyanogenMod nightlies, which satisfied my need to be as up to date as possible, and it was running Marshmallow when the screen broke. I had been running CM on my HTC One X before I bought it, so the idea of buying a phone running Cyanogen out of the box was very appealing.
I was in a bit of a quandary after I dropped it, as it seems to be okay apart from the screen. So if I could get that repaired at a reasonable price, I could have carried on with it for another year I reckon. But Oneplus themselves quoted me between 80 – 100 Euros and firms up in London would have charged £99. Then there was the worry about not knowing whether those firms were reputable and if I sent it back to China for repair, how long would that take? So I bought a replacement, a Huawei P9 Lite for £199 (with a £10 SIM) from O2. They did have a Oneplus Three in stock, and I was tempted to buy that, but the price difference (the OP3 was £336) was too great.
The P9 Lite is a smart little phone, it has a 5.2″ screen and only 16gb of onboard memory, which is expandable with a micro SD card. I did buy an SD card but unfortunately it wasn’t “micro” – d’oh! Never mind, though, that can sit in the chromebook. I’ll know next time to make sure I buy the right sized memory card. I’m very impressed by the camera on the P9, the pictures don’t pixellate when you zoom in on pics you’ve taken, which is nice.  And it’s got a fingerprint sensor, which I’ve become used to very quickly. The two things which are missing that I wanted in my next phone are fast charge and a USB-C connector. But I think I will be able to live without.
So the OPO is now sitting on eBay. Currently there is a bid of £36.02 on it but there are 12 watchers so I am hoping it will go for a bit more than that. If someone is able to get a screen / digitizer repair kit, and they have the patience and skill to replace the screen themselves, then they should be able to get themselves a powerful phone for about £100; they’ll be happy and I’ll make a bit and be happy too – that’ll help pay for the P9 🙂 .

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