Paddypower was good to me today. I had placed three bets across three football games, and two of the three came in. To be honest, I had forgotten all about the first game, St. Johnstone vs Dundee. I checked the website to see that my bet had come in at 5/6 odds on. Well, it was a relief that I hadn’t missed the opportunity to cash out while St. Johnstone were ahead, and then lose at the end. It seems that St. Johnstone went ahead after 60 minutes and stayed there.
My next bet was on Man City against Southampton, and Man City were playing at home, so I thought that they would have home advantage. Alas, it was not to be. It was a toss-up, being frank, whether to bet on City or Southampton, and Southampton scored first. If I had bet on Southampton I guess I would have cashed out then, the odds were much better. Man City apparently equalised, and were very much more attacking in the second half, but they never went ahead, and the game ended in a draw. Unfortunately I shan’t see that 10p again.
Lastly I considered the Chelsea vs Man United game. Again, I thought that Chelsea might benefit from home advantage. I was right, as it turned out, because Chelsea scored in the first minute. I was a bit concerned – should I cash out? What happens if Man U equalise and they just sit on the ball for the rest of the game? – but then Chelsea went two ahead, and I was able to relax. Eventually they went 3-0 up, and then 4-0. Paddypower actually paid out at about 78 minutes, which I was surprised to see, but it would have been a miracle for Man Utd to score five goals in the final fifteen minutes.

So from my initial outlay of 30p, I am now up 41p, a net gain of 11p. I haven’t yet got back to my initial stake of £10.00, but I hope with some more judicious gambling, I can get back above that threshold. Of course, it will be completely due to luck and not judgement, we shall have to see how it goes.

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