It’s been a busy few days. On Friday we had a team-build event at the Martlets Hospice Shop, where we sorted toys and clothes to sell in their shops. It was nice to get out of the office and do something different for a change. And of course, after we finished up, we went to the pub (The George Payne) for a few pints and a rest. It was tiring doing something physically different, even though it wasn’t demanding, but it was a change from sitting in a chair for seven hours. I wasn’t intending to drink much, as we were planning to go to the Park Run again on Saturday morning, but I ended up having about four pints, before heading home. What can I say? The Timmy Taylor Landlord was a nice drop to savour.
Despite feeling hungover we did the Park Run on Saturday morning; TW and TE both got PBs, but I stopped because TY was crying, because she couldn’t do it. So I walked with her for a bit and came in at about 31 and a half minutes. I probably wasn’t going to go sub-30 anyway, and I figured the mental well-being of my child was more important than a timed run.
After that we came home, and TW & I showered. In the afternoon we went to see H&I’s new trailer tent, which was very impressive. It started to rain, so we helped to take it down and it was pretty quick to pack away. They offered to have all three of the kids for a sleepover, which was very nice of them, so we ended up having another child-free night.
We were planning to go and see Rob Beckett at the Connaught anyway, so the fact that the kids were having a sleepover meant that we could relax and take our time getting ready, and we didn’t feel that we had to rush back after the gig. We ended up in the Corner House again, which was nice, sharing a bottle of wine. Rob was very funny, as expected, and his support, Tom Lucy, was very good too. TW & I laughed a lot, both during and after the gig.
On Sunday TW picked up the girls, and we (the girls and I) baked while TW painted TY’s room. I made my coffee and walnut cake – again – and the butter icing curdled – again. I didn’t actually get to taste any of it as it was for TW’s open house on the Monday. TY made gingerbread men, TE made a very nice rocky road, and TMO made some very crisp flapjacks. It was quite a busy day in the end. I was glad to get to bed by the end of the day 🙂 .

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