Oh, how we laughed.

I got up as soon as the alarm went off yesterday morning. I say “alarm”, but I have the radio programmed to switch on to Radio 4, the Today programme, and so I normally stay in bed and listen to it for a few minutes because they are normally discussing something interesting, or they are about to round up the day’s newspaper headlines.
But no time for that this morning, I had sold some comics yesterday on eBay and I had emailed the winner to tell him I would post them today, but I hadn’t even packaged them up yet. So out of bed, quick shower and dressed, and downstairs. Bubblewrap, sellotape, scissors and brown paper, and it was done. I told the girls that they needed to get dressed, and the normal morning hubbub ensued. Teas were made, breakfasts were had, questions about locations of school uniform were answered. I was aiming for the 07:47 train, so I gobbled down some own-brand wheat biscuits, gulped my tea, and then headed upstairs to clean my teeth. That done, I was back downstairs, popped my shoes on, gathered up my workbag and comics to post, and headed to the door. Kisses to the children and TW delivered and farewells made, the door closed and I was on my way, leaving the hubbub behind. I popped my headphones on and got back into one of the many podcasts I listen to while travelling between home and the office.

It wasn’t until I was crossing the Shoreham bridge that TW phoned. “I could f***ing kill you”, she said. Oh, dear. What had I done? I wasn’t aware of anything I’d messed up. “You’ve left your cake on the side”, she let me know. In all the rush of the morning, and the packing up of the comics, and the breakfasts and the rush to catch the right train, I had forgotten to take the cake with me to work. Macmillan Cancer fundraising would have to do its best without my deliciousness. I couldn’t believe it; that was the third time I’d made that cake, the second time for charity, and I’d forgotten to take it in to work.
To compensate, I donated a tenner while at work. And it made for a funny story, so that was a good thing. And it meant I got to have a big slice after dinner last night, so it wasn’t all bad news. But it was completely unintentional.

I had lunch out at the Bangkok Kitchen on London Road with a friend, that was nice. I had a massaman curry, which is peanut-flavoured and is basically a plate of satay.
And TW was out in the evening, so I got to watch the penultimate episode of Banshee, which was as gripping and bloody as expected. I’m really stringing out my enjoyment of the show.
I had two beers which is less than my usual intake on a Friday night, due to the Park Run in the morning. Hopefully I can improve on my last time, which was 30:43. We’ll have to see.


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