Tuesday was a fairly busy day at work. I am currently easing into a new role and there are other bits and pieces that I am picking up because I’m a curious kind of fellow and I find it very hard not to stick my nose into interesting things.
Anyway I got through the day. Then I bought a lottery ticket on the way home and was surprised to see that the price had increased to £2.50. It’s getting to the point now where buying a lottery ticket is no longer an impulse purchase. By that, I mean that if I happen to be in the Co-Op buying wine or milk or bread, I have often said, in the past, “oh, and you may as well sell me a lottery ticket too, on top of my planned purchases”. £2 is about the limit for an impulse buy, especially considering how infrequently I am lucky enough to win. So that’s probably me and the lottery parting ways – not that my contribution will be missed.
When I got home I put a couple of bets on the football using PaddyPower. I only normally gamble 10p or 20p, it’s supposed to be a bit of fun. I wagered 20p on Celtic to beat Man City and 10p each on Newcastle vs Norwich and Coventry vs AFC Wimbledon. The Celtic / Man City game sounded like a real belter, if you like that sort of thing. Celtic took the lead, and I considered cashing out, but then Man City drew level, and I thought my bet was over. But Celtic scored again to take the lead, and I cashed out at that point, with 40p. I had made my money back, so anything I got from the other two games would be pure profit. Newcastle went ahead, and I cashed out for 13p, if I remember rightly. the Coventry game never got going, at least not in Coventry’s favour and so that 10p was gone. I put another 10p on Celtic to win, with about 15 minutes to go, which was a bit foolish, as the game ended in a draw. So I was 3p up on the night. Overall, compared to my usual luck, that was a good result.

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