Yesterday I worked from home because TMO (The Middle One) wasn’t well. She complained that she was dizzy when she woke up, and so TW let her stay at home. I didn’t have my laptop with me, so I had to go into the office to get it. Which meant a journey in by train, and then home again immediately. Except it wasn’t immediate, because Southern had screwed the trains again, and I ended up waiting for half an hour at Hove for any kind of westbound train. I am seriously considering buying a car just to get away from those bloody trains. It used to be a pleasant experience, where I could read a comic or an e-book, or catch up on a podcast, and while away the 25 minutes between Worthing and Hove. But now, if the trains do run on time, which is less often than it should be, they are often crowded, or delayed, and the whole process is an anxious mess more often than not.
Once I got back to Worthing, I popped into the Co-Op and stocked up on comfort foods – Reese’s chocolate bars, pork pies and a third thing that I can’t quite remember. I was hoping to score a maple pecan Danish, but unfortunately they had either run out, or not got any in stock to begin with.
I spent the morning (what was left of it), up to about 1pm, trying to refine the parameters on a datapull I was looking at, and then the afternoon on several bits and pieces.
TW & I went out for a run together after work, which neither of us had thought would ever happen. Her pace was slower than mine, and so when we got to the mile mark I went a bit further to stretch out. Maybe in a couple of weeks we can properly run together, who knows? The Park Run beckons again this Saturday, so we’ll have to see how that goes.
After the run, I made another coffee and walnut cake for the Macmillan Coffee morning we were having at work. TW made the icing and put it together, and then we sat down to relax. We watched a bit more Tyrant (maybe we didn’t on Weds?) and I had a few beers, and then it was bedtime.

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