We got up early on Saturday morning in preparation for our second ever Park Run. I think we were both looking forward to it; I had drunk a few cans of beer the night before, and TW had indulged in her passion for prosecco, but we were both clear-headed and up for the challenge. I had been out on a warm-up run on Wednesday night, a little 2.4 mile jaunt to keep my hand in. I couldn’t have gone before that, due to the aches in my legs – I was finding it difficult enough walking up and down stairs, let alone running. I did think that I had D.O.M.S. (delayed onset muscle soreness), and I may well have done, but I got through it. That’ll teach me to dive straight into a three mile run.
So, we dumped the younger two at the pool, and TW and I and TE (The Eldest) lined up for the run. I set off ahead of them, and made good time, I think – I stopped once for a breath on the way out, and twice on the way back. D was miles ahead and finished in about 23 minutes, but C, another friend who ran with us overtook me on the way back (I had stopped to do up a shoelace) and so I stayed in touch with her, and we ran in together at the end – she finished one second ahead of me, and my time was 31:50, which was an average of under ten minutes per mile. I was pleased with that. TW was pleased with her time, and I went back on to the course to run in with TE. She was a bit embarrassed and didn’t want to run, but I think we can encourage her in future to realise that it is about your own personal performance, and sod what others think.
On Saturday afternoon we had made a loose arrangement to go for a walk with D & M and their kids, but it turned out that they had farmed their kids out to grandparents, so we went for a family walk along the River Rife at Ferring, which was a nice breath of fresh air. The girls were in good spirits, despite having been torn away from their electronic devices, and it had turned into a lovely afternoon.
On Saturday evening we swapped one of our kids for one of D & M’s, as well as taking in a companion for TE, and had two separate sleepovers. I believe TE watched The Jungle Book (the new version), and TMO (The Middle One) watched a couple of nature documentaries. No, I don’t know why either.
They went to bed late-ish, TE finally piped down at about 22:30, and there were no night-time dramas, which was nice. Or if there were, they didn’t wake me up.
Sunday morning came, and after eating our fill of pancakes, we went for a six mile bike ride and then visited M&P, my parents, for a brunch of bacon sandwiches. They were delicious, and made even more tasty by the exercise. We cycled from our mansion near West Worthing station down to Goring Gap and back, getting slightly lost on the way. We tried to go inland on the return leg, but ended up back on the seafront, so rode three sides of a square in my estimation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was TW’s way of getting an extra bit of distance into the ride.

And that was me, I was done in. For most of Sunday afternoon, I watched tablets be sold on eBay, but TW kept going. Not only did she go for a further bike ride, adding another six miles to her total for the day, but she then got on with painting the back bedroom so that TE (The Youngest) can eventually have her own room.

It was a good weekend, and I think we will want to emulate the levels of activity in future weeks. It would be odd if we turned into one of those “active families” which we don’t know very well, but I think we all enjoyed ourselves. Oh dear.


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