Yesterday we attended our first Park Run in Worthing. Park Runs are organised all around the country, they are five kilometres in length and they start at 9am on a Saturday morning.

I had exchanged a couple of texts with our friend and neighbour, D, on Friday night, and he had asked if we (as a family) wanted to join him and his on the Saturday morning, and I had considered it. I was the best part of a bottle of wine down by that time, as TW was babysitting elsewhere, and I thought that probably I wouldn’t be in any fit state to run 5k (that’s 3.1 miles in old money). I was up and about on Saturday morning making a cup of tea at about 8.30am when I heard activity, so I looked out of the window and there he was, heading to his car. He asked whether I was going to join them on the run, and I was up for it individually, the girls weren’t really bothered. But then TW chatted to M, his partner, and all of a sudden we were all going.

We got dressed in double quick time and took swimming stuff for the kids for afterwards, and drove down to the start point, which is at Splashpoint. We got there just as the race organiser was addressing the assembled runners, and there were a number, about 200 or so. We walked then to the start point and set off. The Middle Child was on a scooter, D’s kids had a bike and a scooter too, and between them they managed to make their way around most of the course. I say “course”, the run is west along the seafront and then back east along the seafront to the start point. So it’s nice and flat, although if the wind were stronger, I can see that it may be a challenge.

I was running slowly at the back, and was comfortable. I stopped a few times, and walked, but ran most of the way. My average time at the end was just over 11 minutes per mile, which considering the last time I ran was June last year, I’m quite pleased with. I was 173rd out of 202, and my time was between 34:48 and 35:48. I recorded it on Runkeeper as well, and I reckon, according to that, that my time was 35:19. I could also when I stopped, as my minutes per mile average spiked then. So I stopped five times, apparently, and walked.

TW and The Eldest ran together, and managed to complete the course in about 40 minutes, which they were both happy with. D, being a more committed runner, managed it in about 25 minutes, but then he is due to be running a half-marathon soon, so he needs to be up with the real runners.

Unfortunately one of our other friends and neighbours, C, didn’t make it, which was a shame, since she was the one who started the whole thing by suggesting it last week. Still, hopefully we will be able to run as a street next time..?

So I ran unofficially yesterday, but I’ve signed up on the Park Run website and next time I will have my barcode to register my time properly. Of course, this means that I will have to run mid-week to improve my times on Saturdays. Damnit. But I did think that was coming…

After the run, we sent the girls unaccompanied into the swimming pool – that was no problem, as they are good swimmers. The problem was that they were still in there an hour and three quarters later, at 11:45am. We’d had a coffee and were beginning to cool down, and I wanted to get home. But at least they had a good time. And today I don’t ache as badly as I thought I would – result!


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