So this is my current set-up:

With this I reckon I can jot down notes from anywhere – on the train, waiting at the station for the train, in the office even. So if we’re not careful this blog could become a stream of vacuous nonsense – even more so than it is already.
The keyboard, made by Samsung, was £5 from eBay (with £3.50 p&p); the stand, made by eCandy, was £5 from Amazon (combined with a few other things to ensure free delivery); and the tablet made by Lenovo was just shy of £50 from eBay. So that’s not bad going, I think.
I’ve been carrying both the keyboard and the tablet around with me for a while now, but I believe that this morning is the first time I’ve paired them, which goes to show how “productive” I shall probably be. But it is amazing how thin and unobtrusive these items are when you chuck them in a messenger bag. I can have the keyboard on my lap as well, so that I can just type out random strings of words while doing something else, like watching TV – there might be a few more reviews of shows coming up – that’ll be something to look forward to!

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