I had a slice of cake on Friday which had a couple of Dolly Mixtures on top of it, as decoration, and since then I had a hankering for Dolly Mixtures. TW went out yesterday on some errands and asked if there was anything I wanted, to which my reply was “Yes! Some Dolly Mixtures. Or some Liquorice Allsorts”. I don’t know where the longing for Liquorice Allsorts from, I suppose I must associate them in some way with Dolly Mixtures. It’s a little odd, perhaps, as Dolly Mixtures are made by Barratt, and Liquorice Allsorts are made by Bassetts:

When she came back, she had forgotten to get me any Dolly Mixtures or Liquorice Allsorts. “Not to worry”, I said.

She went out later as well. “Can you get me some Dolly Mixtures, please?”, I asked, “or some Liquorice Allsorts?”
“Sure, of course I will”, she replied as she slipped out of the door. I looked through her bags when she got back, but I couldn’t see any Dolly Mixtures or Liquorice Allsorts. Maybe she had already put them in the treat cupboard? I thought to myself. I had a look there, but I couldn’t see them.
“Did you get me some Dolly Mixtures?”, I asked, “or some Liquorice Allsorts?”, hopefully. “Oh, sorry, I forgot”, she said. Then we went down to the beach for some fresh air, and the girls got in the water as much as they could.

On the way back, she suggested that we stop at the Co-Op so that I could buy some prosecco for her, and at the same time I could pick up some Dolly Mixtures, or some Liquorice Allsorts. Getting the prosecco was easy enough, they stock about four different brands these days, and there is always at least one type on special offer. So I picked up two bottles which were on special offer and headed to the sweet aisle. I browsed the shelves but I couldn’t see any Dolly Mixtures or Liquorice Allsorts. I was a bit worried that I would find some of the Co-Op’s own brand, which I wasn’t sure were going to hit the mark, but as it was they didn’t have any Dolly Mixtures or Liquorice Allsorts, either Bassett’s or Barratt’s or Co-Op’s own brand, so I guess I dodged a bullet there. However, I still hadn’t been able to sate my desire for some Dolly Mixtures, or some Liquorice Allsorts. Last night I had to drown my longing for Dolly Mixtures or Liquorice Allsorts in some wine and distract myself with a thrilling episode of Banshee.

Today we had a visit from TW’s mother and grandmother, and they all went into town, and took the children as well. I was to be left on my own for a couple of hours in silent bliss, which I was looking forward to. “Do you want us to bring you anything back?”, asked the MiL. “Oh, yes”, I replied, “some Dolly Mixtures, please. Or some Liquorice Allsorts. I did ask your daughter several times yesterday to get me some Dolly Mixtures or some Liquorice Allsorts, but she chose not to”. “Okay”, said the MiL and with that the crowds headed off into Worthing Town to leave me to my own devices.

I played a lot of slither.io and did some washing up.

When they got back, the MiL handed me some Liquorice Allsorts. “We weren’t able to find any Dolly Mixtures”, she said, “sorry about that”. “Do not worry at all”, I said, “at least you were able to bring me either some Dolly Mixtures or some Liquorice Allsorts, which is something your daughter clearly failed to do yesterday”.
It was 1pm or so by then, so it was time for lunch, and TW made a salmon and tabouleh deliciousness. After lunch TW said “Can you open the Liquorice Allsorts?” “No”, I said, “I’ve just eaten. I’m not hungry. If you want one, go ahead and open them yourself”. “I want you to open them”, she said. “But I am not going to”, I replied. So TW went and opened the Liquorice Allsorts which the MiL had bought for me, and she ate some. I managed to show a modicum of restraint and wait until the MiL and the GiL had gone, but that was also partly because I was a bit greedy and didn’t want to share my Liquorice Allsorts with more people than I had to.

I have been grazing on my Liquorice Allsorts since about 4pm, and I have to say that they have lived up to the hype and expectation. They are Bassett’s Liquorice Allsorts originals and I have enjoyed them immensely.
The next time I feel that there is something missing in my life I will consider buying some Dolly Mixtures or some Liquorice Allsorts, and see if that fills the gap.


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