Yesterday I worked from home in order to look after Hyena, the youngest, since her teachers were on strike. She was looking forward to it, but was soon bored by the reality as I had to concentrate on work and also had to come up with things for her to do.
To her credit she tidied her room, brushed her hair and started making her fancy dress for later in the week. Then, after an early lunch, she went off with a friend to her sister’s sports day.
Later I listened to England crush Sri Lanka in a T20 International on BBC Radio 5 Extra, since these sports events have been sold off to Sky. I was washing up at the time, so it was a good way to get two things done at once, but I would prefer to be able to watch it on TV – however, I am not prepared to give Sky any more of my money. Since the rugby is also sold off I only got to know that we had beaten Australia 3-0 in Australia on the news later. If these international sports events were protected then we might be able to watch them. My worry is that if fewer people see these events, that will lead to less support for these sports in the future.

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