So on Tuesday evening we watched the final episodes in Julia Davis’ new series for Sky Atlantic, Camping.
The first episodes made for uncomfortable but compelling viewing, with the characters beautifully realised as innately horrible people with a veneer of civilization.
The scene with Tom and Fay in the pub where she goes off with the young locals is hilarious and pathetic at the same time, and an indicator of more to come – Tom’s denial of his relationship with Fay to his own children was repellent, and his eventual humiliation was unavoidable but I found it very bleak. The entire decent into chaos and lawless hedonism was shocking and amazing at the same time.
I see people are referring to this as the first series, but I don’t see how a second series could possibly rise from the ashes of this tale. All the characters came out of the events changed – some for the better, some not so much. It might be time to revisit Nighty Night…

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