So yesterday, the 16th, was our first day on our new floor at work. We’ve moved from the 3rd to the 2nd, and also changed from having set desks to a “hot desk” environment. This meant we packed up on Friday 13th, which was a bit inauspicious, but to be honest I’d already done most of my drawer-emptying by Wednesday, and on Friday I threw away the last of my stuff.
As part of the new regime, we get a small locker which needs to contain our “hot box”, and there is space for a couple of other items – a docking station, a mousemat, a box of tissues, and not much else, to be honest. The desks have to be cleared each night, and then it’s a case of sit where you like when you get in to the office the next morning. And the interesting thing is that there are fewer desks than staff, so if you don’t get in on time, you don’t get a seat. It’s like a game of Musical Chairs for grown-ups, but the rounds are played very slowly (once per day) and there is no music. Hmm.
It doesn’t make the workforce feel particularly valued, especially when there are enough empty seats (currently) on the floor to easily seat everyone. But then, I guess that is the decision that The Company has taken, and they don’t particularly care who comes in and does the work, as long as the work gets done. At least they keep paying me – it could be worse, I could be a struggling artist employed (but not paid) by Sainsbury.
I settled in fairly easily, I found a desk and plugged myself in. There were quite a few leads involved, so I went up to our previous lair and retrieved my docking station. Besides the keyboard and mouse leads, there was the power lead and the display lead, and the ethernet cable too if you want to go wired. So five in total. To unplug and go to meetings without a docking station would be an annoyance, relatively speaking. And that was that for the day, mostly.
At the end of the day, it was a bit annoying to have to put everything away, I must have needed about four trips to get everything in the locker, and then by the time I got out of the office, the next scheduled train was cancelled. That was a bit more annoying, but in the grand scheme of things my little annoyances don’t amount to very much. And then I was home. So that was my office moving story, except it wasn’t very moving.

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