TW went away to a conference on Friday, all the way up to Telford. I worked from home Friday morning and took a half day in the afternoon so that I could pick up the kids from school and ferry them to their after school club, which happens to be rugby on a Friday. It was a lovely sunny afternoon, just right for sitting out and watching other people (i.e., my own kids) running around and being active.

We had chicken pie for dinner, which TW had bought earlier, since she knows that my  skills don’t reach that far; I may be able to cook what’s in front of me, but I’ve got no idea where it comes from. I also cooked carrots and potatoes, which they loved for some reason – I think it was due to the fact that I overcooked them, so that they were soft, and then coated them in butter. The potatoes that is, not the kids. I don’t think I’ve ever coated my kids in butter. Anyway, the general consensus was that TW was never allowed to cook potatoes again, and it was now my job. Small victories 🙂

Despite telling myself that I wasn’t going to have any alcohol on Friday evening, I found that I was in the possession of a bottle of red wine, so I drank that as I watched more episodes of Trapped. I’ve really enjoyed it so far, it’s well-placed and the characters are interesting. I got through three episodes on Friday night, and then toddled off to bed.

Saturday morning I felt a bit fragile, so took things easy, which was not a challenge. The girls were all watching YouTube blogs (vlogs?) and trading information. The eldest and middle children were watching on their phones, and the youngest was using her tablet. All with headphones on so silence reigned. They were used to watching Good Mythical Morning, but they have recently discovered UK vloggers, such as Zoella. I do worry sometimes about the content they are watching, as they are aged 7 – 10 (the youngest is 7 on Tuesday), but I think on the whole it is fairly innocuous.

Anyway it got to the point where I had to insist that we went out and got some fresh air, so we must have been surfing the internet for too long, if it got to the stage where I’d had enough. I had packed up a parcel for return to Amazon (a pair of faulty headphones, no less), and was suffocating in the dark of the front room, with the curtains and windows closed. I did suggest a walk along the seafront, but the traffic to get across West Worthing crossing was backed up horribly and so we drove to the local park instead. The Youngest met a schoolfriend of hers and they all played nicely (more or less) for an hour or so. I gave the Eldest some money for ice creams, and so they ranked it as a success too.

The afternoon was less structured; despite the warm weather, or probably because of it, the sun disappeared, and there was no push to actually make it to the seafront after lunch (cheese on toast, in case you were wondering). So the girls played out on the street with their friends and the hours passed unnoticed. I had threatened or suggested to cook something that evening with the same soft boiled potatoes that had been such a hit on Friday night but in the end I took the easy option and thanked the Co-Op for preparing our dinners; a variey of curries, pizza and lasagnes.

Once the children were tucked up in bed it was on with Trapped (no wine this time) and I am getting close to the denouement, in fact I was 15 minutes into the final episode when TW got home. She had a good day at her Younique conference, and was quite fired up about making a go of it. And in light of that I should mention her selling page. Younique seems to be quite pricey, but those who’ve tried it seem to think it’s worth it. I don’t wear make-up myself, so I wouldn’t know. The last time I wore make-up, I think, was at a fancy dress party with an “under the sea” theme – I went as “Coral”, i.e., an older lady in pearls and a hideous dress I picked up from a charity shop.

So I will need to finish Trapped tonight, after the kids are tucked up again, and then we’ll get on with The Bridge, I think. I do enjoy these Scandinavian noir thrillers.

That’s probably enough about the weekend so far, now we’ve got to get on with Sunday.


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