Today I mostly felt quite chipper, despite overdoing it slightly yesterday. But what else are spring bank holidays for, except spending time with friends and over-indulging?
We had quite an active weekend, considering how inactive I would be, given half a chance… We mooched around Worthing on Friday, and had lunch out at Street Thai. Saturday afternoon we promenaded along the seafront with my sister who is over temporarily from Singapore, it was good to see her.
Sunday we spent the morning in Eartham Woods, and yesterday was spent in Sullington Wood – when I wasn’t sipping wine in the kitchen…

I packed up my Huawei MediaPad this evening as I’ve sold it on eBay. I hope the new owner likes it, it’s a nice piece of kit. I got a Lenovo 8″ tablet as a sort of upgrade (it was going cheap on eBay and I put in a speculative bid, and accidentally won…), and I can’t justify having two tablets. I may rationalise our chromebooks too; we have two and we don’t really need both. The older one might be worth £15 or so.

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