Yesterday was a bit of a funny day; TW was away at a Younique “share best practice to increase sales” day from early doors, so I was left in charge of the kids.
We only had two here, as the street had gone sleepover crazy, but those two each had a guest. We got up, I hung out some washing, offered to make the girls breakfast. I was considering pancakes but we were out of syrup (as a condiment) so offered bacon and egg sandwiches. Of course my two said yes, but the odd thing was that *both* our houseguests said they weren’t hungry. A weird coincidence. So they ended up not eating.
Then the girls played happily for the rest of the morning while I followed the IPL on the laptop.
I had put a small bet on KXIP (King’s XI Punjab) to win, and they weren’t favourites, so I was a bit nervous, but as it turned out it was a good choice, as they won. I’d also picked Royal Challengers Bangalore to win the next match, and was fairly confident because they were favourites and scored 191 in their innings. However, Delhi Daredevils matched their rate and thwarted my plans – that put paid to my accumulator.
In the middle of the day we had to pop and see the GiL as her phone wasn’t working. The MiL had called to say she thought that Joan had left it off the hook, but that wasn’t the case – she had a dead line. So I called Carol who logged out with BT and we left.
I did ask the girls what they wanted for dinner but didn’t get a proper response, so in the end I gave them three lasagne ready meals, which they liked. It was a bit of a cheat from me; well it was a complete acknowledgement of my lack of cooking prowess and inability to get the girls to agree on a single meal.
Then TW got back just in time for the bath and bed routine, and things returned to a semblance of normality.
I had some gnocchi and pesto later on, and watched an episode of Limitless. And then it was bedtime…

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