Today is the finale of the Six Nations, and as a result we have three matched lined up this afternoon / evening. I’m hoping that Scotland will put on a good show against Ireland, and of course, England complete the Grand Slam against France in Paris tonight. That would be the icing on the cake.
So, in order to get some air, and some cereal, I took the girls to Morrisons for a bit of ad hoc shopping. We bought some chips and dips for this afternoon, as well as some olives for me. The eldest chose classic houmous as her dip, so I went for a soured cream and chive dip as a palate-clearing counterpoint. We also plumped for cool Doritos, since they were on offer. We also hunted down some pork products for breakfast in the morning: the classic trio of bacon, sausages and black pudding. We’ve got mushrooms and baked beans in the house to complement those delicacies. And of course, with a salty breakfast you need fruit juice, so we went for the classic orange juice “with bits”. We did go slightly *off piste* and bought some clementine juice, which I’m looking forward to trying,
So that’s it for this weekend, I reckon. Apart from revisiting the shops to maybe buy a beer, I think I’ll probably be sitting in this chair for the best part of it.

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