Just wanted to pen a few words, I went to see a new band tonight, the name is above, I am going to call them TWIABP for short. I got there in time to see the support band, Me Without You, who were quite good, and they had some good songs. I might buy some of their stuff in the future.

I must just say that The Haunt is a really bad place to see bands when the venue is sold out, especially for a 5’8″ fella like myself.

Me Without You were able to harness the noisy bit of their songs, which allowed the crowd to go a bit mental;it did strike me at one point that these bands were a bit metal, and a fleeting thought was to compare these bands to those who might appear at Download, for instance; I wonder how they would compare? But I guess these bands, although they were noisy, would be too emotional for a rock festival…

By the end of Me Without You’s set, I was at the toilet door, there was no way to get anywhere else. However, when they finished, everyone who was at the front streamed to the back, either to use the toilet or (possibly) to leave. Anyway, that gave me the opportunity to get down to the front and enjoy the band up close.

TWIABP are a seven-piece band, there is a drummer, a bassist, a keyboardist, and then there must be three guitarists and a vocalist. They work very well together; the quiet bits are quiet, and the noisy bits are noisy. They kind of remind me of an early Mercury Rev, who I once saw at King Tut’s in Glasgow. They would build up to a crescendo and then just go apocalytic – not as epically as MBV, perhaps, or as creatively, but it was still cathartic.

I do plan to buy an album, probably the current album, by TWIABP, and I look forward to playing it to the children – let’s see what they make of it! 🙂

All in all, it was a good night, and I should gamble on unknown bands more often – I might be pleasantly surprised (again)…


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