I want one.

I know, it’s irrational. It’s completely unnecessary. Lots of reviews of these little things say that they are actually not as good as the camera which I already have in my phone. And I am not a photographer, or a picture buff. I don’t know about composition or focus or exposure, or anything. But I really get excited by the fact that I can point and shoot with a thing like this and get some kind of history.
I’ve had my current phone for more than a year, and I have no real yearning to replace it. It cost me £280 or so outright, back in Aug / Sept 2014, and it still serves me well. I don’t have “new phone envy”, but now it seems to be all about the peripherals. And the fact that this little “re camera” has plunged in price from ~£199 to £70 is certainly driving my lust. Not only would I be getting a cutting edge bit of kit, which is compatible with my phone, but I would be getting it at a knock-down price. There are examples, though, of these cameras (ex-demo, granted) available on eBay for £49.99 and I am still reluctant to buy. I am conflicted. There are days on which I am an unreconstructed consumer, and I would not hesitate to surround myself with plastic tech manufactured in China, and on other days I eschew unnecessary worldly belongings, deciding that we should only buy secondhand books and furniture, since we are such a consumerist society. It is still a big deal to throw £50 away on a new concept, which I am not sure will fit in with my lifestyle. So even though these examples of new tech are massively reduced in price, it’s still a question as to whether I should purchase one or not. And further, the white ones are not attractive enough and the orange or teal ones are more attractive to me…

Image result for orange htc reImage result for teal htc re

I am stuffed, basically – I expect I will buy one or the other of these in the near future…

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