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Mondays are always hideous, no matter the manner or pace of the preceding Sunday.
Yesterday morning after I’d showered I pulled a shirt out of the wardrobe and headed downstairs to iron it. I was half-dressed; I had trousers and socks on. I’m not some kind of animal, wandering around the house naked! And besides, I didn’t want to traumatise our lodger… So I switched on the radio, started listening to Radio 6, and got busy with the iron. When I’d finished, I was inspecting my good work when I realised that I’d been meaning to sew a button back on this shirt for months. Dammit! I had spent a good amount of time ironing this shirt, and I had two choices – I could either go get another shirt and start over, or I could actually sew the button back on to this shirt and actually be able to use it. It would be quicker to iron a second shirt, but you know what? It was still early, I tend to go into work early, so if I was a bit late, that shouldn’t be an issue. And I’d been meaning to do this for months, I may as well get it out of the way.
So I dug around in the sewing drawer and found some white thread and a needle. I hate that drawer. It’s a mess of stuff we don’t want to throw away, but we can’t work out where else to put it. It’s the dregs drawer. But the threading tool eluded me. I dug, and lifted, and rearranged stuff, until eventually it surfaced. Then I threaded the needle, and started attaching the button to the shirt. By now it was 07:30 and I hadn’t had breakfast, or even boiled the kettle for a cup of tea. Normally by 07:30 I am making my final preparations to leave the house. I was so behind. TW boiled the kettle for tea, and I put the finishing touches to the button thread, and then finished dressing. I had breakfast and drank my tea, as normal, and then cleaned my teeth and headed to the Station.
I ended up catching the 08:19, half an hour later than normal. And I was only a few minutes late for work. But at least I won’t have to repair that bastard shirt again any time soon…

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