The kids were awake at 05:50 yesterday morning, probably because they had some friends staying for a sleepover. They were making a bit of noise so we told them to pack it in and go down to the living room; after all, we’ve got neighbours and they don’t want to be woken up at some godforsaken hour. TW managed to go straight back to sleep, as she always does, I read a few bits of news online myself and also managed to get a bit more sleep, and all of a sudden it was 08:45 and a much more human hour of the day.
I nudged TW and suggested it would be a good idea to get up, since the kids had already been up for three hours already. She grumbled a bit, and I threatened to breathe on her if she didn’t move. She’d already complained about my morning breath so I used the thought of my oral stench to get her moving. Quite a successful ploy, even if I do say so myself.
Then downstairs to the kitchen, to tidy up the bomb site and clear the work surfaces. Well, we call them work surfaces, but normally they are so covered in junk and stuff that it is impossible to work on them… Anyway, I washed and tidied, and TW made pancakes for the seven of us, and then I spread syrup and chocolate spread on pancakes and got drinks and cutlery for the kids, and then I had a few pancakes myself. We were aiming to get out into the fresh air in the morning, but it didn’t happen unfortunately. We dropped the Middle One and her friend off at a party at 1pm (TW took them) and then we returned the remaining guest back to her parent, and then we hit the seafront.
We parked up at the Bluebird Café and took a walk west along the seafront. TW and the girls went down to the sea’s edge as the tide was out, but I wasn’t wearing appropriate footwear (when am I ever?) so I stayed at the top. I sat on the pebbles at the top of the beach, and did notice a woman reading a book a distance away. We were between the same two groynes, and I thought no more of it. I laid down and closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun and the calm, and relaxed. I realised at some point that there was movement, the woman was getting up and moving. I thought no more of it. Then TW phoned me and suggested I walk along the top of the beach and we meet up a bit further along. Of course, it was a good idea, so I stood up, picked up my jacket and started walking. Then I noticed that the woman who had been sitting not so far away had simply moved to the next groyne. I wouldn’t say I’m a threatening or imposing figure, and I didn’t think I had chosen to sit particularly close to her. Nor was I making any noise or causing a disturbance, so I can only think it was her issue. Still, I felt a pang of worry – what had I done to upset / disturb her? Well, we will never know.
Then as we were walking along the green, TW managed to step into one of the rabbit holes or dips there, and she fell over. It wasn’t funny, she has a weak ankle anyway, and she was in some pain. But she was grateful that we didn’t laugh, so that was all okay. And then we had an ice cream, and went to Waitrose.
Waitrose is not our normal shopping destination, it has to be said, but TW had some vouchers so we thought we’d use them. £8 off a £40 spend, or 20% – not too bad. Anyway, we spent £45 on not very much and came home. The day had been building towards the England vs Wales rugby match, and we watched a bit of the South Africa Samoa game to get us in the mood. We had decided to have a takeaway – from the Thai Spice Kitchen – and more or less as soon as the evening game started, the meal arrived.
It was delicious, and with a beer as well, the perfect accompaniment to what was shaping up to be a good game of rugby. England were playing well, and it was looking good. Then, there was an unfortunate passage of play where about three Welsh players all got seriously injured. One walked off, holding his (dislocated?) arm, one was carried off on a stretcher, and was another replaced as well? I want to say it was at about the sixty minute mark, but I maybe wrong. Anyway, after that, Wales played out of their skins and it was a thrilling finish. Unfortunately for us, Wales won 28-25, but I had placed a sneaky bet – only 50p at 3-1 – on the Welsh, so despite feeling a bit gutted that England lost, I benefited financially. And then it was ten pm and bedtime.

So, an average Saturday? Maybe not. We had more kids than normal, we got to go to Waitrose, we had a takeaway and we watched a thrilling international rugby match. Maybe I should have just written that, I could have saved us all a lot of time.

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