So I have switched to using CM Nightlies on my OnePlus. what that means is, updates to the software are released daily (overnight), and I can choose to add them into the existing software on the phone or not. I have an app installed on the phone, called CyanDelta, which identifies the changes and can download just those bits of software necessary to update the phone. This means I am applying small (~9mb or ~13mb ) updates rather than replace the whole ROM.
This has been fine for the last few weeks, until this week one of the updates broke Chrome, i.e., I just couldn’t use Chrome as my browser. But that was fine because they fixed that the next day, and I was able to use Dolphin in the meanwhile.
The update on Thursday however, wasn’t good. It seemed to cause stuttering in a few apps I was using, and I did experience what I believe was my first reboot while using CM Nightlies. Then, on the way to work on Friday morning, I had another reboot, and my wifi seemed to be a bit wonky.
So I made the classic schoolboy error and performed a factory reset. That meant that all apps were wiped from my phone, although the basic data was still there, I had for instance my progress on Temple Run saved. But I lost my call history, my SMS (what is the plural of SMS?), and some financial records which were of personal interest only. I could not get wifi to work though, and was beginning to panic. I spent most of the morning trying to connect to wifi, to be told that I was connected, but there was no data transfer. Then, after lunch, I rebooted the phone and voila, the wifi returned.
So the basic upshot is, I used a hammer to crack a nut, and I am still fine-tuning the phone to get it back to how I like it. Once I’ve done that, I am going to perform a nandroid back-up, so that if I get flustered again, I can just apply the back-up. I should probably see if I can schedule regular back-ups in Titanium Backup, so that I have a recent version to fall back on in case of emergency.
And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have the 29th Aug Nightly to flash… Have a good weekend.

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