So I see that the Conservatives have decided that “ordinary working folk” can’t have their union dues deducted at source:

It’s a clever move, it means that people will have to see money come into their bank account and see it go out again. If people are looking at their outgoings, trying to reduce their expenditure or save some cash, their union dues will have to be considered.
But it seems to me that if Labour got into power next time round, they could just reverse the bill. It would be a game of political ping pong. There seems to me to be no reason for it.
People have already opted in to paying their dues, so they are paying voluntarily. Having the dues deducted at source just means they don’t have to think about it.
I think the Conservative Party are trying to get a lot of stuff through while the Labour Party are leaderless and rudderless, and maybe they’ll regret it later. I’m not sure, but we’ll see.

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