Since I last wrote, I’ve been to see Bushwalla twice. One of our friends enjoys his stuff and asked if we wanted to go and see him perform in Brighton at the Latest Bar. We decided to make a night of it and we asked M & P to babysit.
We headed into Brighton, and had dinner out before the show at Sawadee. We used to go to Sawadee regularly when we lived in Brighton, and it was as delicious as ever. TW insisted on the fishcakes, as that was always her favourite. I like Thai, it always tastes cleaner than Chinese. I love Chinese as well, we had a Chinese takeaway last night (oh, the decadence!), but somehow Thai food seems sharper and lighter than Chinese. So, after the Thai meal and a couple of glasses of wine, we went off to the Latest Bar. We were the first ones there, at about 19:45, which was a bit of a worry, as the show was due to start at 20:00.
Bushwalla himself came and sat with us to eat his falafel, and then went to get ready. There was a bit of a delay, as they waited for more people to show up. Eventually there were 11 of us in the audience (you couldn’t call us a crowd…) and the show got underway. The support was a singer-songwriter called Tom Price-Stephens, or TPS for short. I really enjoyed his stuff, it was laidback and mellow. There were a couple of funny songs, especially “That’s What She Said”, and the first song, the opener which got me was “Between The Lines“.
So that went well, and then Bushwalla came on. Apparently he writes with Jason Mraz, although I had to google Mraz to work out that I had heard his stuff (“I’m Yours” is one I’ve heard before).
Despite the fact that there were only 11 of us, Bushwalla pushed ahead, and gave us a show. It was really good, he played with his music and he’s got some really good stuff, especially “Gangster” and “Freaky Guy”. He had a lot of musical jokes going on, and was able to make up raps on the spot. He also threw in some juggling and some illusions, and it was a good show. It was a damn fine evening, and it was an awful shame that more people weren’t there to see it. Still, we will always know that we were part of the #Brighton11.
After the show I spoke to both Bushwalla and TPS, and TPS gave me one of his CDs – that has had a couple of outings in the last week, and it is really good, and certainly a reminder of bits of the live show.

This Friday we also saw Bushwalla at the Tangerine Bar in Worthing; although bits of the show were the same, it was a completely different vibe, as the room was filled with 30 or so friends who were all in to his stuff. As I understand it, he was staying with friends in Worthing, and he apologised to some of the audience for eating their cookies. It was another good evening, and we really enjoyed it.

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