Here we are, Saturday morning again. TW is upstairs in bed, the girls are next door watching some sort of trash TV, and I am here with my thoughts and a keyboard. That’s a dangerous combination.
The students have been here a week now, and so far they have been no bother at all. They’re very polite and quiet, although there have been a couple of evenings when it has sounded like they’ve been keeping elephants up in their room. That’s the only way to explain the foundation-shattering bumps and thuds emanating from upstairs. They’ve been out to a disco (arranged by the school, they’ve not been clubbing it up at Ben Ten), they even went to the bowling alley last night, although I’m not sure they did any bowling; I think they were just “hanging out”. And they said they thought they would be home by 21:30, and they got home at 21:30 on the dot. I wonder what the Spanish is for “hanging out”?
Today is the school summer fair, so that will take up most of the late morning / early afternoon. We will be meeting the MiL and the GiL there, as the Middle One is doing some country dancing, and singing in the choir as well.
TW wants to head off to Worthing Rugby Club this afternoon, as all her mates from Splashpoint are going to be there, and Murdoch’s Crazy Eyes are playing as well, later. I shall probably leave her there, although that might mean that I don’t see her until 3am tomorrow morning; but that’s a risk I just gotta take. It’ll mean I can get through a couple of episodes of Freakshow tonight, at least…


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