TW has decided to “retire”, at the ripe old age of 38 (don’t tell her I told you) and so in order to maintain some kind of income she has decided to take in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) students. Our first two arrived last night, they are Spanish boys aged 14 & 15. They seem polite enough, TW made most conversation with them, of course, and at least they didn’t murder us in our beds as we slept. But as I’ve pointed out elsewhere, they are here for three weeks, there is plenty of time yet. So now we have five children in the house, and we are getting another one next Monday as well. At least it will bring in a penny or two.

Today of course is Father’s Day (or is it Fathers’ Day?), and so I was given the choice of what I wanted to do. My first choice is always to sit on my bottom and surf the internet, learning things and following stories in the news. However, I don’t think that’s what TW was offering. I did suggest Sleepy Hollow, but then I decided I wanted to see some views, so we went up to Highdown instead. We sat at the top of Highdown looking out across Goring and Ferring, out to sea, and it was lovely. The sun was shining, it wasn’t too hot, it was very restful. Then we walked over Highdown, out towards Arundel, and we did consider striking out for The Spotted Cow, one of the GiL’s favourite watering holes. Our only concern was that we did not know how far it actually was. Well, it seems that there and back is approximately 3.75 miles, which was maybe a bit further than we were intending to walk. As I write this, TW is having a nap, and my calves are beginning to complain about the amount of extra work they’ve had to do today. But it was a good walk, we had a soft drink and some chips when we got to the pub, and the youngest children didn’t complain too much on the way back. Result. The students are up in London today, so they weren’t with us, but they’ll be back later.
All in all, it’s been good. I should go and wake TW up in a bit, but I might let her sleep on…

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