I love it when the date does that, I mean that the month starts on a Monday. Then it’s easy to work out what the date is. Today is Saturday, that’s the sixth day of the week, so it must be the sixth of June. Sorted. Sometimes numbers just work, you know?
Anyway, as I sit here slightly jaded (that’s code for hungover), there’s not much that I want to write. I had a small win on the Euromillions last night, £7.50, but it wasn’t the full-on £72 million, was it? I’ve decided that I’m not going to play the lottery any more, I think I’m spending £8 a week on it. What with the Euro millions on a Tuesday and Friday, and the National Lottery on a Wednesday and Saturday, that’s £8 a week or £32 a month, which is £380 a year, give or take. So I have decided to save that instead. I pay weekly into a savings account, so I shall just up my weekly amount. Paying weekly makes it seem smaller and it’s therefore less noticeable. I only have less than £200 saved, but it normally comes in handy during months where I’ve overspent.
Speaking of overspending and overdoing things in general, Tuesday was the only night this week that I didn’t buy booze for me and TW on the way home. Aside from the fact that constant boozing is not good for the body, the drain on my wallet is also not good. A bottle of prosecco and a bottle of wine these days is about £13, and that’s in addition to the money I spend during the day at work on tea and pastries; I shall have to slow down.
I prefer an ascetic life I think, without many possessions. Despite what TW asserts, I am not a hoarder. I’ve decided that I am going to sell off the majority of my comics, as I’m buggered if I shall ever read them again. So hopefully that will bring in a pound or two during the month. It’s just a bit hit and miss whether anyone will want them. I can sit here and value them by myself, but when I put them on eBay that’s when reality strikes and I realise they’re not worth that much at all. Still, I’ve got three boxes full, so even if they go for 50p per comic, that’s still £150 or so. Which would be nice.
And I am also going to stop drinking. I know I’ve said it before, but with so many comics to read and shows to watch, I can’t be doing with it. I watched two episodes of The Walking Dead last night and I can barely remember what happened. I shall find it hard to stop completely with a bottle of whisky in the cupboard, but let’s give it a go, shall we. Even if I limit myself to a double per night, that would get rid of it and prevent me getting stocious. And I’m not getting my running in when I drink in the evenings, so it would be better all round, I think. I’ve probably chosen the wrong day as we are having two of the girls’ friends for a sleepover, but actually if I am in charge of other children, I probably shouldn’t be drinking anyway. I guess we’ll see; it’s an aspiration, aren’t we an aspirational nation? At least Labour would have you believe that.
Oh, and politics in the mix as well! I wasn’t planning on that! Well, in fact I am going to keep my powder dry for the time being. I just hope that as people see what is happening (and what will happen over the next five years), they start to say to themselves “I didn’t want that to happen when I voted Conservative back in 2015”. But we’ll have to see how it turns out. More to come on that.

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