So last night I got on the scales and weighed myself, and I’m up to 14 stone 10 lbs. That was fully dressed, but even this morning when I was wandering around my domain, lording it up naked, I still weighed in at 14 st 3 lbs.
No wonder I’ve been so lethargic recently. Life, it seems, has all been a bit “meh”, and really it shouldn’t be like that. I have a lovely lively wife and three beautiful girls, and I wasn’t taking pleasure in any of them.
This week I’ve not been drinking, I thought that might help, and perhaps it has, but I think that when we get back from holiday I am going to have to take some serious action. I’m talking about running again, and keeping it up this time. I may even start going to the gym, I’m not sure if TW can still get me half-price membership, I’ll have to check. I was looking in the mirror yesterday morning and I know I have a belly, right, there is no way I can be three stone overweight and not have a belly. But I noticed that I now have saddlebags too, above my hips and to the back? That’s a new development I’ve not noticed before. So that’s kind of like a call to action.
The trouble is that we go on holiday tomorrow, for a week, and so I’m not sure what state I’ll come back in. Should I take an ascetic approach on holiday and live like a monk, watching my calories and limiting my booze intake? Or should I forget it all and pick it up when I come back? At which stage it’ll be harder to achieve my aims, or it will take longer, at least.
Well, looking at that, it seems that I have answered my own question, and I have been thinking that I would limit my booze intake anyway, since the children will be with us. It seems like I shall probably do a lot of reading. Hopefully the children will be occupied with activity clubs, and TW & I can get some time to relax.

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