As part of our strategy to keep the children occupied and happy, on Saturday 4th April (the day before Easter Sunday) we went to Petworth with some friends and their kids. Petworth House is managed by the National Trust and they tend to do seasonal activities for the kids, which is nice.
Our girls immediately tried to climb up to the folly using quite a steep approach, and as it was still slightly wet underfoot, they ended up slipping and getting muddy within five minutes of getting there, the muppets.
This time the NT had arranged an egg hunt in the gardens of the house, which ended with them receiving a chocolate egg – quite sizeable it was too, but then it was ¬£3 per child to take part, so fair’s fair. It took quite a chunk of time, 40 minutes or so, during which the children were rushing here and there, and we didn’t see them, which was nice. They were playing nicely with each other and rushing around trying to find the eggs, which were quite well-hidden. Once the hunt had finished, we walked down to the lake, and had our picnic at a building (possibly an old boathouse?) on the lake.
After lunch we went up to the house and wandered through the rooms and the kitchens. Again, the children loved it and played nicely with each other. A lovely day was had by all, really.
We finished the day off with fish and chips from Old Nick’s, and that was another day down. I can’t believe that we’re already midway through April and almost a third of the year is gone. It’s Mum and Dad’s wedding anniversary today, 46 long and happy years. I hope TW & I manage as long, and longer even.

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