So a couple if weeks ago I made a cake. It was a coffee and walnut cake, and it was delicious. TW had to rescue the icing on the top, because for some reason it curdled, but other than that, it was all my own creation, and I was very proud of it.
Unfortunately, while it was cooking, the oven exploded. Well, I say “exploded”, it did make a popping sound, and although I was able to finish cooking the cake, the oven didn’t work again. So it was time to call out the repair man.
We called out Range Appliances before, to replace our grill. We had been without a grill for about 18 months, and when we had our fuse box replaced, I asked those guys if they had anyone they could recommend. They mentioned Range Appliances, and I gave them a call. The main guy came, checked the part, gave me a price which was acceptable, and then he came back a couple of days later and replaced it. Brilliant service.
So, on this occasion, I had no hesitation in calling them again. The cooker blew up on the Sunday, I called them on the Monday, and they came out to look at it on the Tuesday. Then the guy gave me the price, £73, and said he could come back on the Thursday. So I got two days working from home, and we got our cooker fixed.
If anyone local needs some oven repair work done, I would recommend calling Range Appliances, they’re brilliant.
My only regret is that my attempt at a joke, as the guy was leaving (“thanks ever so much, but I hope not to see you soon”) fell a bit flat. But as TW says, I can’t tell jokes, so it’s not surprising really…

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