So I watched the Leaders’ Debate on Thursday night. It wasn’t very illuminating. No particular leader punched through as a clear leader.
The Welsh leader spoke to her Welsh audience; I don’t think she had a “national” message aimed at including England and Scotland.
The Scottish leader, Nicola Sturgeon, did okay, at least she tried to aim her message at the whole of the UK and not just Scotland.
Natalie Bennett did okay for the Greens, I think she was debating at a slower, more low-energy level of debate. Which suited her, and I think suited a lot of the viewers.
TW said that Nick Clegg did okay, but as damaged goods, the Lib Dems are a losing proposition.
In my view, Miliband looked out of sorts, and Cameron (as current PM, let’s not forget) did not impress.
So I think this debate was a showcase for the “minor” parties; and as others have argued. the major parties are sitting in a winning position and can only lose from these types of debates.

And I’ve not mentioned UKIP; their discourse is on a completely different level which is a foreign language to me. But I would say that Farage’s comments on “heath tourism” and AIDS are worth viewing if you want to see a black & white view on things.

All in all, as I said, there was no breakthrough winner in the debate on Thursday night. I guess we will need to wait for more to come over the coming weeks if there is to be a voting groundswell in any particular direction… It’ll be interesting to watch the next few weeks, however things turn out…

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