So a couple of days ago I was round at a friend’s house and she served up some coffee and walnut cake that her mum had made. It was delicious. I had enjoyed a slice of coffee cake a few days before that as well, I think it was probably last week, people at work made cakes for Comic Relief. Anyway, it got me to thinking, maybe I should have a go at making one.
So on Friday night, I mentioned to TW that I was considering making a cake, which took her by surprise, since most of the time I would be hard-pressed to tell you where the kitchen is, let alone use anything in it to make a cake. At least, that would be your impression if you listened to her…
She popped to Lidl yesterday and picked up some walnuts, and told me that this afternoon I would be making a coffee and walnut cake. I protested, advising that I hadn’t told her when I was going to make it, and I hadn’t even decided that I was going to make one at all, it was just an ambition.
But as it turned out, she headed into town with the Eldest, and the younger two were out playing, so I got the recipe from the BBC website and read it through. I got on with it, mixing and blending. The recipe said it would take about 30 mins of prep, and 30 mins to cook, and that’s what it took me, so I must be getting better…! I did have to phone TW and ask about greasing and lining the cake tins, but apart from that it was quite straightforward. When making the buttercream, unfortunately it curdled, and TW helped me out with the blender. But apart from that, it was all my own work.
We tucked into it immediately after taking the pictures above, and it was delicious. I thought that maybe the crust was a bit hard, but the cake was lovely, light and moist. I’m quite pleased with my efforts, and maybe next time I’ll have a go at something savoury – if I can find the kitchen, that is…

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