I can’t let today go by without mentioning Fiction Squad. Fiction Squad is a six-part series from BOOM Studios, and it was pretty good stuff.

The central conceit is that a down-at-heel P.I. (think someone from a Raymond Chandler novel) is investigating crimes in NurseryLand – but every rhyme is a crime scene. Humpty Dumpty gets knocked off a wall and the P.I. needs to solve the crime. The trouble is, his partner is Simple Simon, who lives up to his name. So he is pretty much on his own. There are some really nice bits of story, where particular nursery rhymes are referred to and invoked. 
The story was very clever, the artwork suits the Nursery Rhyme theme of the story, and we also see the down-at-heel P.I., so there are really good variances in light and shade throughout the story. 
Having said that, I’m unlikely to read the story again, so I’ve listed it on eBay. If anyone wants it, let me know. 

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