I don’t do Valentine’s Day, and nor does TW. Her issue is, why should there be a specific day set aside for being ‘mantic with your partner? Should we need to diarise it?
So we exchange cards, mostly. Her mother and grandmother are probably going to be here all day, so there isn’t the opportunity for a grand romantic gesture, even if I were that way inclined.
But it’s probably worth taking some time out of our hectic schedules, looking after three girls and working and tidying the house, and meeting friends and sleeping and eating… to appreciate each other just a bit. To spend some time together, not on the sofa watching crap telly in companionable silence.
We went out for an evening together at the end of January, and we should probably do the same again, probably at the end of the month. In fact, I might try and make it a monthly event, wouldn’t that be nice?

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