So today the MiL & GiL came to visit. Of course, they intended to stay for lunch. The only problem with that was that we didn’t have any food in to prepare. TW had overnighted in Portslade, seeing a friend, and she had consumed prosecco. I had stayed up late, drinking red wine and watching “Fargo”.
So TW went to Lidl and did her weekly shop with the MiL & GiL, and then started preparing a roast. In the end we ate at about five pm, which wasn’t the intention at the start of the day. We did consider going to a carvery at one point, but quickly dismissed that, causing great disappointment for the children. The Eldest had a real sulk about it, huffing and slamming doors… Eventually she went with TW to Lidl, and thank god for that, because if she had stayed at home she would have been unbearable.
The kids are in bed now, so it’s the usual catch up on shit tv for the masses, a.k.a. SCD  and X Factor results. You gotta keep the masses occupied and distracted. I’m quite tired, it was hard doing nothing all day, so I shall be going to bed shortly, to forget this filth.

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