Unfortunately The Youngest was ill this week. On Tuesday night we were all sitting in the living room after dinner, when she turned to TW and shouted, “Mum, I’m going to be sick!” So we told her to get upstairs to the bathroom, which she did, where she proceeded to vomit the most amount of vomit I think I’ve ever seen.
The Youngest is five years old, and I was very proud that a) she realised she was about to be sick, and b) she handled it really stoically.
Unfortunately she blew it later, when she was sick while she was still asleep, and she covered her bedsheets and duvet in vom. But the beginnings are there… Then she was sick several times more during more the night; a couple of times she came up to our bedroom to let us know she had been sick, but we shouldn’t worry, and a couple of times she called us to help her.
These days, of course, if a child is ill, i.e., she vomits, she is not allowed to return to school for at least 48 hours. So that meant The Youngest was off school Wednesday and Thursday. I dashed into work at 6am on Wednesday morning to get my laptop, and worked from home that day. I actually got quite a bit done, I left TY in the living room watching telly, while I got to work in the kitchen.
Friday morning was quite funny; we had told her that of course she would be off school for two days. However, on Thursday night she still seemed a bit touch-and-go, so I brought my laptop home just in case she didn’t go to school on Friday.
But it seems our fears were groundless, she came down to breakfast in her school uniform, and would brook no interference; when we asked if she was okay, or if she wanted to go to school, she was set on going in. Which was great, that meant that I got to go to work as per normal.
So that’s been the major drama this week, there have been other smaller things but I might get to those later.

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