So yesterday was a strange day. TW went to work early in the morning, and so I was left in charge of the girls. I was not doing much, upstairs and down, when I realised that my vision was not great. It was like I had masses of sunspots, or big sunspots, in my vision.
I was feeling okay though, so I carried on with what I was doing (the washing up, mostly). It was only after about 30 or 40 minutes that I started to get a hideous headache. We hadn’t planned to do much in the morning anyway, so I let the girls veg out in front of the telly and I had a bath and put the washing on. When TW got home, we had lunch (she was due home shortly after 11, but only got home at 12:30, just after the youngest had had a creme caramel…) and then she took the girls out for the afternoon.
That was about 2pm, I went to bed and slept until 5pm, so I must have been ill… Never mind.
The evening was a bit of a non-event, the girls stayed up past 8pm watching the final of ‘Tumble’, another one of those shows where ‘celebrities’ attempt something they’re not very good at. And it wasn’t even as though the best gymnasts won, instead they gave the ‘winner’ award to the injured contestant. Some sort of sympathy vote going on, I think.
Anyway, that was my Saturday, I’m not sure what Sunday will bring, but it looks like the Winx Club is already here, thanks to the girls, let’s see what else happens along.

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