Yesterday we headed to a big Sainsbury’s nearby, to buy school uniform for the girls. On the way we stopped in to see the GiL. We’d phoned ahead and warned her that we were coming. When we got there we rang the bell, and waited for her to answer the door. Then we rang the bell again. And then a third time. At that point TW headed into the garden and through the back door, to check that everything was alright – after all, she is 96.
GiL was sitting in front of the TV, apparently watching F1, and was oblivious to the doorbell, and TW shouting “Grandma!” as she entered the house. It quickly became apparent that she was absolutely stocious, she was on a Gin bender. She had drunk herself into a stupor. She had to gather her thoughts before she  spoke, and every time she did speak, she had to speak slowly to enunciate her words properly.
I know that she’s 96, and probably bored, but it seems like she’s removing herself from living. She had drunk herself into a place where she didn’t need to think or worry about time passing. If she had been an 18-year old on a Friday evening, she would have been saluted as a drinking hero. However, as a 96-year old on a Sunday lunchtime, she’s a cause for concern. Still, I’m not sure that there’s anything we can do about it. She’s 96 and that’s all  there is.

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