So my girls watch ‘Jessie’, a TV show produced by Disney.
It’s awful.
The premise is that an aspiring actress becomes nanny to a family of adopted children. The parents are generally absent because they are very successful film stars. So you can see that the target demographic is very limited.
Because the parents are mostly absent, the show is about the kids, and they are damned annoying. There is a white kid who lusts after all grown women, and seems to think that Jessie is his girlfriend. There is an Indian kid who has a lizard as a pet (Mr Kipling) and is generally dorky. There’s a black girl who is quick-witted and sassy but has poor grades. And there’s a white girl to make up the numbers, by the look of it.
All the children are over-privileged and horrible to each other and everyone else.
And because they are children (apart from Bertram the neurotic butler / housekeeper), it degenerates into a high-pitched whiny insult-fest, with no redeeming features. Unfortunately it’s not even funny.

I can’t believe Disney have endorsed this tripe. There are no positive role models and it is not wholesome family entertainment. If you get the chance, avoid it at all costs. If there is any paint drying in your immediate vicinity, it would be more entertaining to watch that than ‘Jessie’.

Of course, all of the above is my personal opinion and it may or may not have any bearing on reality as experienced by others.

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