So, we were up and at ’em early yesterday morning. I’d been awake since about 04:45, so I got up and read some stuff on the Web. Then back to bed,  and up again at 06:15. I had a shower and then listened to the news headlines,  then went downstairs for breakfast.
I was intending to get to the Post Office before going to work. I think that’s why I woke up so early; I was excited. I’d been away for the weekend and there was a note through the door advising that there were TWO parcels waiting for me to pick up. I’ve ordered a case for my Nexus 7, which I’m using to write this, and I was hoping that one of the parcels would be the case. It’s been over a week now, I think I ordered it last Sunday night.
So I headed off to the Post Office, replete with Weetabix and tea, and slightly anxious that there would be a queue of Twirlies so long that they would be spilling out onto the pavement outside. As it was, the drive in was fine, apart from not taking as much caution as I should have done while circumnavigating a bin lorry. No one was hurt, or in danger of being hurt, but I could have used more caution. At the Post Office there was only one chap in front of me, so when it was my turn I eagerly handed over my ticket, and I waited with bated breath.
You can imagine my disappointment when I was handed two flat packages. Comics. Not nice cosy things for my electronics. Comics.
Don’t get me wrong; I love comics. I buy a lot of comics, and should read more of them. But I was really looking forward to receiving a snazzy case for my tablet.
So, I walked back to the car with less of a spring in my step. I drove home and took the appropriate care around the bin lorry, which was a bit further along the road this time. And I made my sandwiches.
I left for work, the comics unopened on the floor in the living room, worrying that I might have to do it all over again tomorrow morning.

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