And the day of the party arrived.
I was in bed at about 22:30 on Saturday night, and I woke up at 00:30. TW was still not back, and I was slightly concerned. I did think about texting her, but decided not to, and went back to sleep.
I was woken again at 03:30, when a very drunk TW staggered in and slumped into bed. I was a bit miffed at the time, as she didn’t close the toilet doors or the bedroom doors.
To explain, we’ve recently moved up into the loft. Things are still a bit ad hoc, and we haven’t got any blinds or curtains up in the stairwell or the bathroom. And, what with it being right at the height of summer, or at least the time of the longest days, it’s important that we close the doors to keep the light out as the mornings creep up on us – it’s only sporting to give them a chance.
So that was annoying. Then when I got up later, at about seven and went downstairs, I thought it was odd that I could feel a breeze. As I got to the ground floor, I spotted that the front door was open. So not only had she not closed the doors in our bedroom, to keep the light out; she hadn’t closed the front door to keep the burglars out!
I did a quick check; of course, nothing had been taken. In matters of that nature we are quite lucky. Eldest had requested three types of sandwich for her party: ham, jam and egg mayonnaise. Once the others roused themselves and I had drunk a sufficiency of tea, and caught up with the latest events in ‘The Winx Club’, I headed to the kitchen and started buttering. I made the jam and the ham sandwiches, and then TW surfaced. I told her she had to make the egg sandwiches, but unfortunately she wasn’t up to the challenge. She had boiled the eggs the night before; on Sunday morning she got the girls to peel them, and then mash them. When it came to loading the mixture into the actual slices of bread, she couldn’t take the smell.
It was cruel of me to make fun of my wife at such a time, I admit it. But hangovers are self-inflicted and it wasn’t like Eldest’s party had come as a surprise: TW had booked it, planned it, and organised it. For her to lie on the sofa, groaning, asking me to take over, was a bit much, especially as I hadn’t really been involved up to that point. She eventually knocked on a neighbour’s door and asked her for help when I refused to make the egg sandwiches – which I wasn’t expecting.
As it turned out the neighbour wasn’t available but her daughter came round to help out. So once I’d cut up the carrot sticks and celery, I took over the egg duties, for my sins (I really don’t like egg sandwiches).  And once we’d done that, it was time to go to the party.
Once others were involved TW perked up, of course. But that was good because obviously it meant that the girls had a good party. Of course, after we had cleared down and got everything home, TW went straight to bed, until about 5pm. We spent the rest of the day eating party food; all those ham and jam sandwiches I made earlier, and party sausages (no, not that type of party sausage…). And then, of course, it was bedtime.

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